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Versatile plastic artist: painter, writer, works many years in the field of restoration of master pieces and other works of Arts, while combining artistic production, especially in oil paintingand watercolours techniques, both on landscape subjects. Currently lives at Buenos Aires, where she works.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina – as a Gemini- she passes her childhood and first years of her adolescence in the country, surrounded by nature, what unfailingly marks her destiny. She inherits from her grandmother and mother a special sensitivity for painting and music, thus giving her life a strong inclination
towards art.

She studies drawing and painting with Miguel Dávila and continues her formation with Fine Arts Professor, Ana Maria Oliverio.
Isabel Mignaquy then joins the live model courses and watercolor techniques, taught by Ernesto Pesce.
At the present moment, Isabel Mignaquy teaches in her own studio and works in the restoration of paintings, oriental lacquer objects, porcelains and furniture.

Her works appear in private collections of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, the United States and Italy.

She participates with her art works at different individual and collective exhibitions:

2013- Eggo Art Fair Exhibition at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires City.
2013- Mural Wall at Bustamante Street, Rivadavia Hospital, Buenos Aires City
2013- Individual Exhibition at "Las Pampas de Areco" Hotel . San Antonio de Areco
2013- Art Show at Bollini Foundation
2013- Exhibition at Art Godoy Fair at San Isidro Race Course
2010 Art Fair, at Sheraton Hotel Hall, Buenos Aires
2008 Art  Space 10  Hall  Buenos Aires
2007 Art  Space 10 Hall  Buenos Aires
2007 Art Fair at Sherato Hotal Hall   Buenos Aires
2006 At Laura Lambré Studio and Gallery watercolors and oil paintings
2006 Buenos Aires  Sheraton Art Fair
2005 At Génesis Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay
In 2004 at the Metropolitan Museum with an important exhibition of her watercolors and with great success.
Collaboration with decorator Diana Palacci at the the Casa FOA space.
At the XV National Fernán Amador Hall, Luján, Pcia. of Buenos Aires.
Aureo-Architecture Hall.
Arique Designs, Alvear Ave., Buenos Aires. . Eric Charretier Hall.
Solo exhibition at Cristel K Gallery.
Spring Hall of the S.A.A.P. (Argentinean Society of Plastic Artists).
National Hall Manuel Belgrano, Sívori Museum, Arché Biennial, at the National Museum of Fine Arts.
In the first “Hall for Life” coordinated by United Nations (ONU).


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